Nature in its mystical facts, complete with its magic has been a great source of inspiration for many it draws us to its beauty and leads us to wonder about its bounty. A landscape is among my favorite themes. The ethereal beauty, the divinity the kindness and altruism of god’s grace in the form of nature’s mysterious and breath- taking beauty is ever present to reassure us in this world of harsh realities. These multi – dimensional facts of our universe has forever captured my mind therein lies
my interest in landscapes. From my early day’s, encouraged by family and friends I have dabbled with colors, Even after years of attempt although, my re-productions of nature may not measures –up to the original, my attempts to re-create what I see around me continues and , if I daresay so, has gotten only better. Appreciation and recognition have further fueled my interest. And what began as a hobby has now turned to my passion. Painting not only calms me it also soothes the soul.

As Robert frost says

“Woods are lovely dark and deep But I have promises to keep And miles to go before I sleep” ……..Thus my Endeavour continues.